Management services that we provide for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

 Strategic management services

Re-organisation / restructuring

Controller/CFO Services

Project feasibility studies

Problem indentification and analysis

Planning and strategy development

Financial and management staff recruitment

Process evaluation and facilitation

Transition your corporate culture from conventions that have become stagnant to habits of continual improvement. We will evaluate and document how effectively your business processes are functioning. Inefficiencies (such as duplication) or opportunities (such as automation) are identified and modifications are recommended.

Contract negotiation and facilitation

Go into your negotiations con dent that you understand all sides of every issue; knowing where you have room to move and where you must hold the line. We assist in contract negotiations in all places that involve an exchange of rights for value, including:



Business acquisitions or sales

Re-organisation / restructuring

Controller-ship services

Project feasibility studies

Systems consulting

Choosing, maintaining, or upgrading an ERP/Financial Management accounting system can be complex. Our hands-on experience with a wide variety of systems ensures that no matter which provider you work with, we will ensure your success from systems selection, installation, and implementation.

Non-traditional Services

Some services we offer are not traditional to public accounting firms, but may be instrumental to your business goals. We have helped businesses with training, interviewing, testing and recommending new accounting hires and we are willing to assist you with all types of negotiations.