Management Services

Strategic Mangement

We offer a host of services directly related to managing your organization
successfully. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Re-organisation/Restructuring
  • Controller-ship services
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Problem identification and analysis
  • Planning and strategy development
  • Financial and management staff recruitment

Process Evaluation and Facilitation

Management accountants evaluate how effectively business processes are functioning and are able to document these processes – transitioning them from the realm of informal “folk” wisdom to a formal standard business practice. The process of evaluation and documentation inevitably leads to modification where inefficiencies (such as duplication) or opportunities (such as automation) are identified and changes are recommended.

A process evaluation in your organization can lead to a change in corporate culture, from one of doing tasks because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” to one of continuous improvement.

Contract Negotiation and Facilitation

In a difficult negotiation, where the complexities can be overwhelming, our expertise at problem identification and solution makes us your ideal partners. We work with you to identify all of the key issues and help you to define the implications of each one. With Pace, you will go into your negotiation confident that you understand all sides of every issue – knowing where you have room to move and where you must hold the line.

We assist in all types of contract negotiation, with unions, landlords, in business acquisitions or sales, suppliers, customers, governments and anywhere else that involves an exchange of rights for value.

Systems Consulting

We can help you establish, maintain or upgrade your ERP/Financial Management accounting system. Our hands-on experience with a wide variety of systems will help ensure you choose the right solution for your needs. No matter which provider you choose, we will work with you to ensure your success from systems selection, installation and implementation. Our staff has a detailed and well-developed understanding of small and mid-range systems.