Financial management with a difference

At Pace Accounting  we provide effective financial management for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with our offices located in Burnaby, B.C. Working with our clients to achieve financial health means delicately balancing the conflicting needs of capital, labour, and management. Our diverse experience enables us to understand your specific challenges and helps us provide effective organisational solutions for you.

Core values and guiding principles

At Pace we have prioritized our focus on non-profits, charities, co-ops and small-to-medium sized organizations, with an emphasis on social responsibility.

Our investment strategy has always been to acquire and use the BEST technology available to guarantee our clients the BEST possible result.

Our history and evolution

In September of 2011, we standardized our name to Pace Accounting Inc.

PACE can be viewed as an acronym for: Patience, Attitude, Commitment and Effort. We feel that this describes our ideal process and provides the necessary groundwork of doing things well.

We have previously operated under the following names: Dragomir & Company, Dragomir Breckner, Dragomir Breckner Liu, and Dragomir Liu & Co.

Our process and billing structure

Billing arrangements and an outline of the work that we will be undertaking on your behalf, will be contained in an engagement letter that you agree to before we begin work. In most cases billings are rendered monthly, based on the number of hours that we devote to your file, at rates that we negotiate with you prior to starting your project.

In cases where work is ongoing and predictable (such as monthly bookkeeping), we can establish a fixed rate that is billed monthly based on the agreed upon tasks to be provided.