About Us


Pace Accounting Inc. has a significant meaning for us. Pace is defined in the dictionary as follows:

To act as an example for others to equal; to be the most progressive or successful as in: we set the pace for others to follow

We also use PACE as the acronym signifying: Patience, Attitude, Commitment and Effort. This acronym describes the ideal process for doing anything well.

Anything that you want to do well must start with the Patience to learn, understand and develop the skill base to be able to carry forward with competence. Not every project is a smooth run, with the patience to learn from our failures we are able to make progress and move closer to our goals.

The Attitude that you chose to adopt in whatever it is that you do is critical to the success of the outcome. A positive attitude often leads to stellar accomplishment and the ability to do what was thought to be impossible. A negative attitude often leads to a negative outcome and a prophecy fulfilled.

A well-defined and consistent Commitment will lead to successfully completed projects, for it is often the simple lack of commitment that leaves a worthy project to die from neglect.

Once the first three qualities are aligned and in place the only barrier left between you and success is the Effort that you put into the work.

This is what Pace means to us and this is why we believe that it is the right choice to lead our firm to becoming a group that “sets the pace for others to follow”. At Pace Accounting Inc. we use proven management and accountancy tools to provide our clients with the most effective solutions possible.

Our investment strategy has always been to acquire and use the best technology available to guarantee our clients the best possible result. We understand our clients’ financial health means delicately balancing the conflicting needs of capital, labour and management.

In addition to being trained accounting professionals, we at Pace Accounting Inc. are also skilled negotiators and facilitators. We understand the dynamic stresses that are part of operating your business successfully. Over the past 27 years we have operated under the following names:

  • Dragomir & Company
  • Dragomir Breckner
  • Dragomir Breckner Liu
  • Dragomir Liu & Co.

In September of 2011, with the addition of our two new partners, Grace Bu, CGA and Cassia Kantrow CMA and retirement of Allan Liu as a partner we decided to standardize on a name that will be our brand for the years ahead. That is where our current name, Pace Accounting Inc. comes on to the scene