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We work with small and mid-size organizations, non-profit entities and co-operatives.

[expand title=”EAST SIDE FAMILY PLACE”]East Side Family Place Society (ESFP) is a resource and support centre for parents and guardians of young children, located in Vancouver’s diverse Commercial Drive area.The centre relies on Pace to conduct activities such as payroll, monthly and year-end financial statements, and budget preparation. Pace helps to file WCB claims, GST returns and charity reports, and has lent a hand in pro-rating benefits for short-term staff. Because ESFP’s staff size fluctuates according to its programming, payroll activities vary from as few as six to as high as 30 employees.

Pace also helped manage financial arrangements when ESFP built the new Grandview Woodland Community Place building in conjunction with Britannia Centre.

I feel I can phone Pace with any question, and I’ll always get an answer. They do so much more than bookkeeping… I feel we are very much supported by the exceptional staff there. We are not-for-profit and have a volunteer treasurer who had little prior [financial] experience. Pace has been very hands-on, giving feedback and recommendations within a short period of time. We’ve developed a very close working relationship that goes beyond a business relationship – it’s a partnership.

Mary Johnston, Administrative Co-ordinator
East Side Family Place

[expand title=”B.C. CIVIL LIBERTIES ASSOCIATION”]The BCCLA is a non-partisan charitable society that acts as watchdog, advocate and educator in order to preserve and defend civil liberties and human rights.

BCCLA initially contracted Pace in 1997 to “clean up” accounting systems that were “in disarray.” The organization’s president indicates that now “everything runs smoothly.”

“Pace provides expert management of our accounting needs including sound advice about practice and planning. With Pace, we know our accounting needs are in good hands. They provide excellent value for money, and their staff contact is like one of our own family. Now we have great confidence in our accounting and reporting, which is key to the financial health of our organization.”

Murray Mollard, Executive Director
B.C. Civil Liberties Association

[expand title=”AVALON DAIRY”]Avalon is the oldest continuously operating dairy in B.C., having been started in 1906 by a transplanted Newfoundlander. Today, the dairy produces both certified organic and conventional milk and milk products for distribution throughout B.C., Yukon and the Western provinces.

Pace custom-designed and installed the Sage ACCPAC accounting system for the dairy, and trained their staff on how to use it once it was implemented. The project included a transition from ACCPAC Plus to Sage ACCPAC ERP.

“Pace staff is excellent. When I have a problem, they are there to help. We use a remote service set-up, so they are very accessible. When we need them, they are available on a dime. The new system has allowed us to speed up operations. It really makes things easier.”

Gay Hahn, CEO
Avalon Dairy

[expand title=”EAST END FOOD CO-OOP”]East End Food Co-op is a consumer-owned grocery store that distributes high-quality nutritious food products in order to foster health and vitality in the local community.

Since 2000, Pace has provided the Co-op with many services, including audit preparation, monthly financial statements, bank reconciliation and advice on bookkeeping.
“Overall, Pace has shown a blanket competence, so I’ve got a good comfort level in working with them. They try to make accounting simple – they provide some hand holding in that regard. It’s reassuring to know that if something gets screwed up, Pace can fix it.”

Jason Rennie, Manager
East End Food Co-op

[expand title=”NEW CHELSEA SOCIETY”]New Chelsea Society is a provider of low-cost housing to seniors and families in Vancouver and Burnaby. The Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002, and currently owns and operates almost 1,500 rental units.

Since 2001, Pace has worked with New Chelsea in performing accounting services, providing monthly financial statements for the society’s board of directors, and liaising with auditors. The firm also helped the Society upgrade financial controls; the organization is currently using Sage ACCPAC systems. When its own bookkeeper retired, the Society chose to contract on-site assistance from Pace staff.

“We have very specialized needs, including restrictions from CMHC [Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation] and in the operating agreements from B.C. Housing. Pace knows the system and complexities in which we work, and has a good understanding of the needs of a social housing organization. It’s been a very successful relationship. Pace staff are personable and accommodating to our needs. They work well with our staff and auditors, and are very flexible. They’re cost-effective and have a good approach to financial bookkeeping.”

Patrick Buchannon, General Manager
New Chelsea Society