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Welcome to Our New Accounting Platform

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Pace Accounting started in 1984 with a dream of a time when we could provide truly collaborative accounting services to our client base. In 2020, that time has arrived.

Up until now bookkeeping and accounting systems have been consigned to the back room, out of sight and inaccessible. Those that have attempted to be accessible have been weak, deficient and inflexible. Now there is a viable alternative that is functional, secure, flexible and affordably priced.

We searched for several years for a system that would meet our exacting demands. We have finally found our solution.

We have chosen QuickBooks Online as the core platform for our collaborative strategy. The core product is suitable for even mid-sized organisations that don’t have highly specialised accounting needs. The core product is multi-user with enough security segregation to make sure people using the system stay in the areas that they have been assigned to. The product is accessible from anywhere that there is a good internet connection. The product is continuously being improved and updated without any user disruption or inconvenience.

Here’s what the system will do for you as one of our clients:

  • Allow specific individuals in your organisation to access your accounting system in real time for reporting or data entry;
  • Help to eliminate duplication by consolidating all accounting related functions into a single system;
  • Manage customers with automated billing, online payment, PAD payments, reminders, etc.;
  • Manage vendor invoices and payments including the attachment of vendor invoices directly to the transaction eliminating the need for filing and making inquiries much more productive;
  • Providing the possibility for EFT payments to vendors;
  • Allowing specific individuals in your organisation access to all of your GL transactions for review and coding adjustments if needed;
  • Connecting your banking accounts (including credit cards) to make processing these transactions more efficient, less time consuming and more accurate;
  • Providing direct deposit of payroll and a secure and automated system for distributing pay advices, T4’s and ROE’s to employees.

We’re very excited about these and other opportunities to change the way that we work together. We have been rolling out the system on a case by case basis. If we haven’t migrated your data yet it will be coming soon. Once we have moved your data to the new system let’s start a conversation about what we can now do together that we could not do separately.

As part of this change, we will be billing for the portion of the system that your organisation uses. We are making this change because smaller clients use fewer functions than larger ones and it is not fair to average the costs evenly. If you have questions about this or about accessing the system please contact Gerry.

If you have questions you can contact Gerry by email at